Art Committee Director or Staff:

We are looking for creative and dedicated individuals to partake in this year’s festival. Art committee is responsible with enhancing the visuals of the festival by decorating throughout the festival and designing Cultural Village*. We are searching for individual that shows initiative and can make creative visions come to life. The committee allows for a lot of flexibility in design and art – if you have any ideas for decorating the festival we would love to hear them! Committee members must be able to travel to buy supplies and partake in painting sessions.

Duties include but not limited to:

  • Backdrop design and painting

  • Decorations

  • Cultural Village design

  • Qualifications may include but not limited to:

  • Design background

  • Painting

  • Creative Freelance

*The Cultural Village is an immersive cultural experience to educate our guests at our event. We provide educational and cultural activities for attendees to participate in to learn more about the Vietnamese Culture and history of our customs and values we celebrate during the New Year. Our goal is to provide a meaningful learning experience through different activities to educate others and bridge the gap between our generations.

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