Marketing Committee Staff:

Looking for individuals who are interested in marketing our organization through graphics, photography, videography, social media and more! Marketing is responsible for creating promotional material throughout the year and keeping our social media channels alive (Facebook, websites, etc). We are looking for additions to the team, we are searching for a graphic designer, videographers, photographers, and an outreach community member. While each role different, they all play a huge part in the success of our organization. Please submit portfolio if available

  • Marketing Committee responsibilities may include but not limited to:

    • Filming various events within & outside the organization

    • Interacting with the Vietnamese community

    • Work with Marketing staff to develop production scope, plan, and schedule

    • Designing promotional material, (i.e. main poster, flyers, online graphics, website graphics, etc.)

    • Pushing out material based on deadlines

    • Working with fellow staffers internally to create needed content

    • Being creative and thinking outside the box to promote our organization

  • Qualifications may include but not limited to:

  • *Note the position you apply for may not cover all these qualifications as these are all general marketing qualifications

    • Working knowledge of video editing software (i.e. Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc.)

    • Working knowledge of DSLR camera, lens, and peripherals

    • Experience in videography production, marketing, or storyboarding

    • Graphic Design

    • Social media usage

    • Web design

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